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When it becomes
clear that politics
and force alone
cannot bring
world peace...


In Afghanistan, Taliban soldiers walk
past their slain Northern Alliance countrymen

The human heart
has known the answer for centuries.

In this darkening world, let us again
allow the human heart to take the lead.

We were taught in school that economic class distinctions were responsible for our difficulties. No doubt that is true in part. But I now believe the primary reason is HUMAN STUPIDITY -- the stupidity that says our stink is better than the stink of the tribe over the hill, and that is reason enough to kill them.

contemporary Albanian author

All of us have a sense that there is something greater than ourselves, at least in moments: perhaps when we go for a walk in "nature"; or perhaps when something wonderful happens that causes us to suddenly feel our love and compassion for all human kind and all living beings; or perhaps the moments when a close friend dies; or when we stop and consider what our own death will be like.

The state of the world shows us the limits of relying merely on political or social means to make profound changes here: as we all know, the present world situation is nothing like heaven on earth!

If we actually carefully consider what is required to bring about world peace (and this site goes into great detail about that), we inevitably conclude that:

Drawing on Divine Assistance for real
is the only base on which
to build a new world order
and a lasting peace.

The Reality of Divine Power is familiar to some, over-shadowed by technology and materialism in the eyes of others, and forgotten altogether by still others of us. Part of the purpose of this website is to make the Divine Power well-known to us all, and usable by us all. The manner in which we can draw upon Divine Power is as precise and scientific as the manner in which we draw on electrical or nuclear power. Only unlike electricity, drawing upon Divine Power requires a particular and very precise exercise of the human heart, and the human vessel altogether, to fashion an appropriate conduit, "an instrument of Thy Peace". As all the great saints, yogis, shamans, and Spiritual Realizers have always known:

Drawing on Divine Assistance requires
a sacrifice of self in God.

And as all the great saints, yogis, shamans, and Spiritual Realizers have always known, that sacrifice is profoundly difficult, but utterly ecstatic, and its beneficial effects reach beyond the individual to the entire world.

Much more about this in the pages to follow!

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