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Five-Minute Considerations
Related to World Peace


  • Unlimited Feeling and World Peace. How can we hope to transcend national boundaries for real, if our capacity to feel doesn't even extend beyond the boundary of our own body? Our capability to feel for others, depends on our capability to feel to others, transcending the feeling of "otherness". COMING SOON

  • Narcissism and World Peace. There is something curious about the groups that have tended to go to war with each other, both traditionally and currently: Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland, the Jews and the Arabs, the Indians and the Pakistanis, Chinese and Japanese, the Serbs and the Albanians. . . Any third party would have to acknowledge that the warring parties have an awful lot in common! Why fight? One contemporary commentator suggests as the explanation, "the narcissism of small differences". If this is so, the origin of the problem suggests that its cure must be one that is capable of addressing narcissism altogether. That is to say: world peace requires a Spiritual solution. COMING SOON

  • Let Wisdom Rule. A brief history of "separation of Church and state". Why world peace requires human and spiritual maturity, and why those who have that maturity must require it of their leaders if there is to be a true and lasting world peace. COMING SOON

  • Spiritual Realization: the Basis for True Morality. World peace has everything to do with the morality of the individuals who make or mar it. Why morality from the "inside out" -- based on spiritual realization -- is simpler, better, and more natural than "outside in" morality -- based on laws and prescriptions for what we "should" do. COMING SOON
  • Why do We Suffer? Human suffering is often at the root of world conflict (and certainly is created as a consequence of it). One of the longstanding questions of believers in God, particularly in the Judeo-Christian tradition, is "If God is all-good, how could God create a universe that contains evil or in which people suffer? Or, if God didn't create evil or suffering per se, how could God allow it?" Many people have become atheists simply because of the lack of adequate address to these questions. We examine the history of this question (and the responses to it), and then suggest a real answer that frees us right now from suffering. COMING SOON
  • Belief in God vs. Experience of God. Why settle for just believing in God, when the tangible experience of God would revolutionize your life?

  • The Life of Divine Invocation. Hoping that 5 minutes of prayer a day will change the world -- or even oneself -- is something like turning the electricity on for only 5 minutes a day, and hoping to run a fulltime business on that basis. COMING SOON

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